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New Email Domain

Mar 3, 2017 Posted by: Eric Uncategorized

Email has been around a long while and your email addresses tend to stay with you. I still have a hotmail account I set up at university which is… a while ago. It has always struck me as odd that someone would spend a lot of money on an advert, vehicle graphics or other promotional material only for it to include “name@somegenericfreemailaccount.com” when it is so easy to purchase a suitable domain name and get some professional looking email addresses to go with it.

Domains people buy then fall into 2 categories: Companyname.com or itdoeswhatitsaysonthetin.com. We have two main domains emhtechnology.com and www.iamstuck.co.uk. The former is obviously company name and the latter I bought as I wanted something catchy which would make sense for our tech support page. Some people of a marketing persuasion will argue to change your company name to make it easier for people to understand what you do but that’s a discussion for another post and a beer or two.

We also come across domains which are very long and if you are cursed with a long given name your customers may well have forgotten why they want to email you by the time they’ve finished writing your address. We suffer from this a bit so with the release of some new Top Level Domains (the bit at the end such as .com, .net etc ) we have decided to take our own advice and cut down. Very shortly you will see @emh.tech as our new email domain and you can get to our site by simply typing emh.tech into your browser. Sadly, until we can buy iam.stuck we’ll have to keep our support site as it is.

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