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Initial Issues With Windows 11

Nov 27, 2021 Posted by: Dwills Uncategorised
desktop and mobile technology usjng Windows 11
desktop and mobile technology usjng Windows 11

Microsoft released the latest version of its operating system – Windows 11 – last month.

It was launched as a free download to existing Windows users. However its eagerly anticipated arrival came with four big issues.

1. Minimum Spec Required

The recommended minimum requirements for the new operating system are:

  • A one gigahertz or faster processor with two or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or System on a Chip (SoC).
  • Four gigabytes of RAM (random access memory). RAM chips affect your computer’s speed.
  • A storage space (usually your computer’s hard drive) with 64 GB or more available.
  • Secure Boot capable UEFI system firmware and a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0. (Most computers built in the last few years will already have a TPM.)

This means some computers will not be able to download Windows 11. If you’re already using Windows 10 you can use Microsoft’s PC Health Check App to check if your device has the required specification.

2. System Bugs

System bugs affected fundamental functions causing significant problems for users. Already, Microsoft has fixed more than 70 system bugs, including:

  • ” an issue that causes the system to stop working after you enable Hyper-V”,
  • ” an issue that causes certain apps to stop responding to input”,
  • ” an issue that prevents your device from starting up, and it becomes unresponsive because of licensing API calls”, and
  • ” an issue that causes devices that have certain processors to stop responding when waking from hibernation.”

3. Expired Certificate

An expired certificate meant Windows 11 users were unable to open apps like the snipping tool, touch keyboard, or emoji panel.

“A patch is available to fix some of the issues, but it’s currently in preview, meaning you have to install it manually from Windows Update,” reports The Verge. “You’ll be able to find this patch by checking for updates in the Windows Update section of Settings in Windows 11.”

However the patch doesn’t address the problems with the snipping tool app. Microsoft recommends that users: “Use the Print Screen key on your keyboard and paste the screenshot into your document. You can also paste it into Paint to select and copy the section you want.” This isn’t ideal however there is no news of when the issue will be resolved.

4. No Android Apps … Yet

One of the most anticipated features was the ability to run Android smartphone apps, but Microsoft confirmed this would not be ready for the initial launch.

“We look forward to continuing our journey to bring Android apps to Windows 11 and the Microsoft Store through our collaboration with Amazon and Intel; this will start with a preview for Windows Insiders over the coming months” states the company’s blog.

Are you thinking of upgrading to Windows 11? There are some good points too!

“The design and security aspects of Windows 11 are very good,” says Eric Hughes of EMH Technology. “The upgrade certainly has user experience in mind with flexibility regarding the look and feel of the operating system, plus the promise of support for Android apps in the future.”

Windows 11 Bloom logo

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