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How Technology Boosts Business

Mar 28, 2022 Posted by: Dwills Uncategorised
technology driving business growth

Competitiveness is key to business survival. Increasingly smaller businesses are competing with larger organisations. The secret to this success? Technology.

Consumers became very supportive of smaller businesses during the pandemic. Connecting and engaging with customers plus online ordering and delivery services were transformed by digital capabilities. Now, small businesses can compete effectively with larger competitors.

global communication technology

To harness this exciting and ongoing opportunity, it’s important that small businesses continue to adapt and embrace technology. However an inherent trait of a smaller organisation is that it doesn’t have internal experts in all back-office functions. Therefore, partnering with an IT support company is a practical solution for businesses to receive expert advice, implementation of initiatives and ongoing support. Wired magazine reports that the minimum services your IT partner should offer are:

  • Easy Account Access: Make sure you have quick access to your account and retrieve or reset your password as needed.
  • Remote Management: Make sure you can remain in touch and operating by customising product features, adjusting your services, or troubleshooting your service remotely.
  • Constant Connection: Stay in touch with customers and employees with important voice features, such as call forwarding, voicemail, and one-touch conference calls.

3 Powerful Benefits of Technology

1. Customer Service

Social media has never been so popular (4.55 billion users, 10% growth in 2021) and the personal approach of small businesses is a key strength in this arena. From feedback to follow ups, updates to announcements … technology makes engagement online very accessible.

business technology keeping you connected

For e-commerce businesses, technology can blend online shopping with a live chat service as opposed to a live operator on the phone. It’s a great solution for offering customer support with speed and convenience. Technology exists to offer this benefit to customers and businesses alike.  Your IT support partner would ensure that the technology chosen integrates with other operational systems as needed to provide a fully cohesive solution.

2. Employee Engagement

Efficient employee communication is achievable via cloud-based communication, messaging, and other technology-based tools such as VOIP. This is especially important as many employees continue to work remotely or on a hybrid basis. Technology allows business owners and managers to provide the latest safety and procedure information to keep their employees updated, engaged and empowered.

technology driving business growth

3. Quality Management

From pinpointing problem areas to maximising the effectiveness of operational changes …  technology plays a large role in modern quality management systems. Bespoke applications can be developed to collate, analysis and present financial and operational data. The results increase effectiveness and efficiency, plus inform management decisions.

“There are many benefits to be enjoyed by integrating technology into your business processes,” says Eric Hughes of EMH technology. “It’s important to find the right partner. Work with an IT support company that takes the time to understand your business, where are you are now and your future direction. Digitalisation offers huge potential and its essential to keep your employees informed throughout the process.”

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