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Growing Your Sustainability Via Technology

Aug 12, 2022 Posted by: Dwills Uncategorised
Using technology to help sustainability - tree within globe with coding in the background

Recent research from the World Economic Forum shows that 40% of executives say digital technology is having a positive impact on their sustainability goals.

It’s great that technology is having such a beneficial impact. To make the most of this advantage, to enhance and replicate this benefit elsewhere, we need to look at how this happens. How, exactly, is technology being applied to help sustainability?

Using technology to help sustainability - tree within globe with coding in the background

Thinking of solutions such as reducing emissions or rethinking operating principles, smaller businesses are often deterred by the seemingly complex and/or costly implementation process involved. There are, however, simple steps that any size of business can introduce to gain sustainability and efficiency advantages from technology.


3 Simple ways to boost your business’ sustainability

1. Cloud-based information storage and sharing

Cloud computing offers flexibility and efficiency with lower running costs than on-premises solutions and access from literally anywhere (with an internet connection!). It’s also great for data storage and backup, plus security is constantly updated.

Microsoft goes further, offering cloud-based technology that connects real-time data sources to provide accurate carbon accounting and measures performance against goals. Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability records, reports and helps reduce your environmental impact by providing actionable insights.

2. Paperless processes

A UK worker will get through an average of 10,000 sheets of paper per year, according to the ORS Group. There are four steps involved with going paperless:

  1. Understand how and when paper is used.
  2. Raise awareness amongst employees, influencing attitudes and behaviour.
  3. Execute your digital plan by replacing your paper-based processes with digital ones.
  4. Improve sustainability by sharing results and making changes as needed.

As well as being more environmentally friendly, digital processes save space and cost as you need far less paper, ink cartridges and storage solutions. Contracts with clients and suppliers can be digital too, thanks to e-signature solutions.

tree with technology

3. Software solutions

Digital technology has the potential to increase automation, thereby reducing emissions. Tailored software can be used to monitor and manage sustainability, helping companies to move towards net zero operations. Reducing emissions often goes hand in hand with reducing energy usage and the associated costs, offering potential funding for the development of bespoke applications.

Technology has supported sustainability in a wide range of sectors (see our article: How Technology Helps Sustainability). These advantages can be achieved within individual organisations too. Sustainability is fast becoming a business necessity rather than an advantage within many markets.

Are you ready to explore how technology can support your company’s sustainability?

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