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The work undertaken for the Healthcare Infection Society (HIS)  allowed the business to maximise its current potential and future planning.

EMH migrated the IT infrastructure for HIS from an on-premises server to a cloud-based solution. This allowed much more flexibility to work remotely without the requirements for maintaining servers on-site. Email was migrated to Office 365 and file data to Autotask Workplace. Branded email signatures were configured centrally and applied to any device without the need for users to set up individual signatures on each device.

Each device was configured with centrally managed AV and device management software. In addition, the office network was reconfigured and ongoing issues with connectivity resolved.

“A massive step forward for HIS and many many thanks.

“I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at EMH and in particular Kieran for the patience, commitment and dedication in getting us where we are.  You truly have a fabulous team.  The systems, speed, capability and flexibility we now have are all first class and we certainly have a platform to support and enable any aspirational visions we have in terms of operations and growth.”

John Misselbrook, Chief Financial Officer, Healthcare Infection Society

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