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Why Outsourced IT Makes Good Business Sense

Jul 24, 2023 Posted by: Dwills Uncategorised
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Striking a balance between cost and quality is an ongoing dilemma within most organisations. When it comes to your IT support, outsourcing is a realistic option to achieve the best of both worlds. This is especially important as your IT performance and infrastructure underpin all your business activities. Here are six reasons to consider this option for your business.

1. Expertise

Engaging a professional IT support company delivers up-to-date IT skills and industry awareness without associated training costs. As well as supporting your employees, your IT partner can also monitor your systems, keeping them updated for ultimate efficiency and security. Essentially, your company would be at the forefront of IT knowledge without any internal investment or retention concerns involved. This is crucial if you require specific expertise for your projects or ongoing support.

using laptop top answer questions

2. Low Risk

Outsourcing means you’ll always have the right people supporting and/or developing your IT. Contacts can change to ensure this quality of support is ongoing. This happens with no recruitment, HR or severance costs to your organisation. In addition, you pay only for the service – no holiday or sick pay!

3. Cost Efficiency

According to journalist organisation Raconteur, 69% of companies are considering outsourcing as a way of reducing costs. Outsourcing your IT support usually involves a ‘per employee, per month’ package. This simple and transparent approach avoids all the usual employment costs from recruitment to payroll management, National Insurance costs to ongoing employee development.

4. Scalability

Outsourcing enables you to have robust IT support as your business grows. It also enables you to consult IT experts, ensuring you have the best technology and security solutions in place for your changing corporate requirements. This means your IT support moves seamlessly with you as your business evolves.

5. Best Practise

With experience comes knowledge of best practise in various circumstances. Your outsourced IT partner’s knowledge and experience determine the best process for your business. This covers vital areas such as:

  • Cyber security
  • Employee onboarding/leaving
  • IT project implementation
  • Introducing best-fit software and hardware solutions
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6. Reliability

Your outsourced IT partner should offer a standard of service that ensures reliability and responsiveness without a lengthy commitment. Be wary of poor service levels and long-term contracts. It’s essential to get referrals from existing clients. This gives you an opportunity to ask whatever questions you need to ensure the right fit for your company.


Muhammed Demir, former Managing Director at Thompson Crosby Capital Markets Ltd described his experience of outsourcing IT: “We have worked with EMH on all our IT services such as new equipment selection and installation, software support, network consultation and layout, and much more. They have always been responsive and come up with solutions very quickly. They won’t be in your office, but they will make you feel like you have the whole IT team next to you. Strongly recommended to all enterprises.”

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