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WordPress Development

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a system used for designing, creating and updating websites. It allows you to focus on the content and provides a framework to adapt a layout to suit your device. It’s the most popular web platform, globally, according to W3Techs.

Its dominance comes from its flexibility to add functionality to the existing framework. This ability allows developers to contribute to and design websites with greater creativity than other systems. The WordPress specialists at EMH Technology love to create and adapt WordPress websites to offer clients best usability and Internet impact. This is the essence of our WordPress Development Service.

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What We Offer

It’s vital your website suits both your business’ requirements and your customers’ needs. With this in mind, websites are personal! Our team ensures that your website is just right for the Internet and people alike.

Three Steps to WordPress Wizardry

1. Understanding your needs

At the start, it’s vital we understand what you need and want from your new website. From the cosmetics to the functionality and finally the content we’ll take the time to understand what it is you require. If we have any queries we’ll take the time to reach out to clarify our own understanding.

2. Giving you a visual

With an idea of what it is you need we’ll put together a visual interpretation of how we think the website could look. This gives you the ability to offer feedback from an early stage, which we’ll use to adjust the visual so it’s one you are happy with.

3. From visual to the live product

Once a visual has been agreed upon we’ll work with you to turn it into a reality. You’ll be updated throughout our progress and be able review your new website before it goes live. Your feedback will be acted upon to ensure you are proud of your final website. Responsive and cross-browser testing will be carried out during the process to ensure your website is easily accessible and looks good across multiple platforms. Having received your approval, we’ll agree on a day and time to launch and confirm when your website is live.

Next Steps

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