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Security Awareness

Day-to-day business operations have become reliant upon digital security. An essential element of this is security awareness amongst staff members. With remote and homeworking reaching unprecedented levels, it has never been more important to defend your systems and protect the integrity of your data.

At EMH Technology, we believe that robust, effective cyber security involves user awareness as much as effective support for both users and systems. The best technology in the world is still vulnerable if the people using it are unaware of current threat methods.

How cyber security aware are you?

Understand your cyber security risk

It can be difficult to determine the human risk level within your organisation when it comes to your cyber security. As part of our offerings we can also provide access to a detailed risk scoring system that gives an in depth break down of individuals risk level based on several behavioral factors. By combining all of your individual scores this will provide you with an overall organisation score.

Using an online portal we can automatically enrol present and future staff. They are initially set a questionnaire to assess awareness in key areas. This then automatically tailors their online learning subject matter.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Your staff receives tailored links to short courses via email at a predefined interval which helps strengthen individual weaknesses and can help develop a security-minded culture. The platform maximises engagement and retention with video & interactive content.

The cyber incident response tabletop exercises included are designed to test your organisation’s response to cyber incidents in a safe and engaging environment.

Stimulate Sophisticated Phishing Attacks

As part of any good cyber security awareness it is important for individuals to be able to identify any phishing attempts made. We can provide your business access to a sophisticated phishing attack simulation, which not only trains individuals but also assesses their performance.

Check for exposed email accounts

With millions of email login credentials exposed online due to third party data breeches, it is important to catch any compromised email accounts as early as possible. Here at EMH Technology we can offer a service that can quickly identify employee email accounts that have been exposed, which third party exposed your employees’ data and what sensitive data has been made available.

Simplify policy management

Manually updating documentation around cyber security, updating your employees on the document changes and getting your employee’s to acknowledge the changes is a tedious task. Here at EMH Technology we can offer simplified policy management that ensure user acknowledgment. With this you can easily track who has viewed the updated document and those who have acknowledged it.

Would you like to make your business better aware of cyber security?

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