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Secure Cloud Backup

Data security and safety is critical for businesses. A backup system is crucial for:

  • Planning for unexpected issues – such as corrupt data.
  • Protecting your business – against threats by viruses or hacking.
  • Data recovery – fast data recovery is vital to resuming business operations.

A secure cloud backup system gives you peace of mind that sensitive, confidential information such as customer details and company data are held securely.

Online Backup Is Best

Online backup service providers use cutting edge technology to keep their servers and the information they hold completely secure. They have a proven track record of keeping data safely – their reputation and future business depends upon this. Transfer and storage encryption techniques are used, plus multi-level security that involves allowing only approved users to access the information held. That’s why we think online backup is best.

At EMH we can provide backup solutions to meet all your needs. Whether you have a single laptop, a comprehensive suite of servers or a cloud-based solution, we can implement the right system for your business. We manage your backup systems with our normal high standard of service and attention to detail, giving you peace of mind that your data is protected and available should the worst happen.

Choosing Your Cloud Backup Solution

In recommending the best online backup for your business, the following points will be considered:

  • Data file location(s) – if data is held in different locations (such as a main server and local drives), several backups may be required.
  • Backup frequency – the number of daily, weekly and monthly backups will be suggested. Some data requirements are long term, such as accountancy records or other FCA regulations.
  • Backup strategy – any media involved will have an expected lifespan, which will be considered and planned for.
  • Backup location – backups should be stored in a variety of both on-site and off-site locations. On-site backups are easily accessible when data has to be restored quickly, but are at risk from fire or another disaster.

Are you ready to securely back up your data to the cloud? The friendly team at EMH Technology is here to help. Talk to us without obligation – or IT jargon.

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