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Hardware Support

Successful businesses need reliable technology – that means using dependable hardware backed up by a next-day replacement guarantee.

If you have purchased your equipment through our hardware supply and configuration service you’ll have peace of mind through the manufacturer warranties we recommend. These involve a next-day or same-day  cover for either three or five years. If you have existing – even older – equipment, we can still offer a similar level of cover. This includes all parts and labour, covering the entire UK.

Our network of proven partners offers fast order fulfilment for both planned and emergency requirements.

Contingency Planning

To avoid interruptions due to hardware failure we recommend keeping spare items that are ready to replace faulty equipment quickly and efficiently. (We will advise you about the level of spares needed.) If you have several key locations we can store spare units and ship this hardware direct to you as needed.

Ideally, server hardware should incorporate built-in redundancy (duplicates) across all the main components that are prone to failure such as hard drives, network cards and power supplies. This allows the systems to carry on functioning despite some level of hardware failure – and gives the hardware support team time to get the replacement parts to your site.

The Bigger IT Picture

Making sure you have the right hardware in place to support your business requirements is essential – however it’s one (large) piece of the bigger picture. To help your business make the most of its technology the right software, applications and IT support must also be in place.

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