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Cyber Security Services

Day-to-day business operations have become reliant upon digital security. An essential element of this is cyber security which protects networks and devices from unauthorised access. With remote and homeworking reaching unprecedented levels, it has never been more important to defend your systems and protect the integrity of your data.

At EMH Technology, we believe that robust, effective cyber security involves effective support for both users and systems. (Human error is the leading reason for data breaches – IT Governance.)

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Achieving a cyber security certification for your organisation ensures that systems are protected and staff implement best practice. As well as building system resilience for your own business, you also demonstrate to clients and suppliers that  your organisation is proactively maintaining reliable cyber security processes.

How robust is your cyber security?

We offer various levels of cyber security support:

Vulnerability Scanning

Our expert team can search for vulnerabilities within your systems. This proactively identifies potential weaknesses before they become actual problems. Regular scanning enables changes to be identified and managed, including issues such as outdated protocols and missing patches

Penetration Testing

This service identifies what data can be compromised and how, by locating potential weaknesses within your IT environment. Penetration testing investigates areas such as business processes and security settings – such as password management and data storage. By understanding how your data can be exploited, proactive action can be taken to increase protection.

Cyber Security Accreditation

Working with IT Governance, the EMH Technology team looks at how your organisation addresses five essential cyber security controls:

  1. Staff awareness training
  2. Application security
  3. Network security
  4. Leadership commitment
  5. Password management

We then offer various levels of cyber security certification to address your organisation’s requirements. Achieving this accreditation offers reassurance both internally and to everyone in your supply chain. It can also reduce cyber insurance premiums.

Would you like to protect your business from cyber attacks?

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