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Virtual Sales Limited is a telemarketing company that we have designed a bespoke system for.

This system holds all of their call campaign data. Each caller can log on, access their calling data that has been uploaded by their manager and can then add notes against each contact. Their customers can also log on and see how their caller is getting on, viewing all their notes and whether they have any meetings or leads.

Here is what they had to say:

“We needed a simple to use, online solution to provide a central hub on which to store the data and generate reports for our telemarketing campaigns.  The system needed to be scalable and flexible to accommodate the different requirements that all of our client’s campaigns present.

“EMH worked closely with us and were very focused on understanding exactly what we needed to make sure that the solution saved us time and money rather than creating more work.  This is precisely what the solution has done!  Daily reporting activities requiring the use of excel spreadsheets that needed to be checked, corrected and sent to clients took up on average 2 hours a day and this was non-profitable time wasted.

“The portal has removed this reporting time completely and in addition to this has enabled our clients to see how the daily calling activities are coming on in ‘real-time’.  So not only have we saved time but added value for our customers.”

Andy Dickens, CEO Virtual Sales Ltd

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