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SIP (Speciality Oils and Fluids)

Good customer service has a direct impact on business success, influencing repeat business and referrals. Our client, SIP (Speciality Oils and Fluids), is especially customer focussed, placing great value on customer interaction and close working relationships.

SIP wanted to measure the service provided to all customers across the organisation. To achieve this, our team created a bespoke system which involved:

  • Creating an automated email signature which invites customer feedback via three images of faces. Each face portrays a different expression: happy, neutral or sad. The signature is generated independently rather than through Microsoft Outlook and is included with emails sent from any device.
  • Developing a microsite to gather feedback. The happy, neutral and sad faces within the email signature link to the microsite.
  • Gathering feedback using the SurveyMonkey platform. Customers clicking on a face image are taken to a customer feedback form, (using the SurveyMonkey platform). They can then leave their feedback about their email communications with the SIP team.
  • Integration with Google Analytics for simple, effective results. This enables monitoring of how many times people clicked on each of the faces: happy, neutral and sad.

This tailored system integrates WordPress hosting, automated email signature management and Office 365 from us. The SIP team was very pleased with the system. Frank Colcord of SIP says: “We asked EMH for a simple way to track customer reactions to emails. We wanted to track clicks on buttons for a smiley face or frowny face, with a possibility of a survey response. They delivered the features quickly and completely.”

Eric Hughes of EMH Technology adds: “This system enables SIP to gather direct feedback about email communications with clients. They can instantly identify and address any customer communication problems as well as acknowledge success stories. It’s a great example of how technology can provide tangible benefits to businesses.”

The importance of customer relationships influenced the development and implementation of the system for SIP. If you would like to discover how bespoke technology could benefit your business, talk to our friendly team. We promise that no obligation – or IT jargon will be involved.

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