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We have been working with Production Plus for nearly 3 years providing their core infrastructure and support services. They came to us with the problem that they were finding it difficult to manage all of the paper and digital information regarding the many acts and artists that they use.

This is where our bespoke software can help streamline your business processes.

The time from us agreeing specification from Production Plus to them having a web-based, fully functioning system to use was three weeks.

Here is what they had to say about their experience with EMH Technology:

‘The creation of our entertainment database has been a real hit!

“We asked EMH to create a database to hold our acts, artists and entertainment in a way that would be easy to access and manage.

“The database is above and beyond our expectations.  It is simple to administer and easy to use the different functions.

“I believe this is because EMH really listened to our requirements and have taken the time and effort to understand our business.”

Libby Fallon, Office Manager

IMAGE: Production Plus Logo
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