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EMH has been working as Animal Free Research UK’s outsourced IT department for over seven years and during this time we have migrated their data and email onto a secure and reliable server infrastructure. We supply all hardware, connectivity, backup and cloud services into The Trust. We monitor their systems 24x7x365 and back this up with individual remote or on-site support where required. EMH has also advised on business continuity and IT strategy matters to help protect the Trust’s activities and ensure they get best value for their budget.

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“EMH are the new gold standard in IT support and there are numerous reasons for this, allow me to explain:

  1. “EMH listen to their customers to fully understand their requirements and then take those requirements and build on them to create the ideal cost-effective solution. They genuinely care.
  2. “EMH adopt a comprehensive and meticulous approach to ensure that they implement their innovative IT solutions correctly and efficiently.
  3. Due to points one and two, the aftercare service offered – although exemplary, is rarely required.
  4. When IT support is required the level of customer consideration offered by EMH really is second to none.
  5. EMH quickly respond to enquiries, communicate brilliantly and their technical ability is astonishing. I do not recall a single request that EMH have not been able to help us with.
  6. The chat service that EMH provide to help with enquiries and to enable remote desktop support is invaluable.

“One of my overriding memories of working in academia, various SMEs and multi-national corporations was the fear and dread associated with having to call IT support. I am delighted to say that the service EMH provides means that fear has become a distant memory.”

Dr Brett Cochrane, Group Head of Science, Animal Free Research UK

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