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IT Support: Getting It Right

Jan 18, 2023 Posted by: Dwills Uncategorised
Business Technology Idea

Technology is fast-moving and crucial to the success of almost every organisation. Therefore, it’s important to be proactive regarding support and IT developments to give your business a winning edge.

IT support involves many options – from a nominated internal employee to an outsourced independent IT support partner. It’s more than fixing problems – it’s about ensuring your business technology runs as smoothly as possible and takes advantage of the benefits available. Industry knowledge and know-how are crucial to business efficiency and engagement of employees and customers.

Business Technology Idea

Choosing Your IT Support Partner

The right IT support partner for your organisation should add value to your business. From extended hours to cybersecurity, communication to culture … here are some key points to look for in your ideal IT support partner:

1. Proactivity. What steps do they take beyond fixing problems to ensure your IT runs safely and seamlessly? Do they offer the range of IT services you need? As well as looking after the technology you have now, your IT support partner should be proactively looking at future technology plans for your company.

2. Support. What support options are available? You need an option that’s right for the size and nature of your organisation. Check how well their availability dovetails with your business hours. Do they support both on-premises and cloud working? Contract terms are important too – are you tied in for a long period or do you have the flexibility to move quickly if you’re unhappy? Is your IT support scalable as your business grows?

3. Communication. Speed and style of communication are both important. A quick response to problems is essential. Responsiveness and jargon-free communication is key to a great partnership.

4. Credentials. The reputation of your IT support partner is important. Talk to existing customers. If possible, choose clients who have similar requirements to yours. Has the company worked within your sector before? How relevant is the team’s expertise?

5. Culture. Does the company’s culture align with yours? This can involve everyday business issues such as reporting, formality and communication style through to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). For example, is the company actively involved with sustainability, charities or local communities?

6. Cybersecurity and Data Management. What are their processes, procedures and thoughts on Cyber Security? How do they protect your data? Can they offer business continuity support?

Using technology to help sustainability - tree within globe with coding in the background

Remember – pricing is important; however the cheapest price often lacks the quality of service you need.

“The right Managed IT provider is so much more than a problem fixer,” says Eric Hughes of EMH Technology. “It’s important they understand your business, offering a proactive expert service, discussing ideas and options in plain English. A partnership approach is important, adding value to your organisation.”

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