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IT Continuity in Today’s Business World

Mar 14, 2020 Posted by: Dwills Business
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The ‘standard hours’ of 9 to 5 rarely exist in today’s customer-orientated and technology-driven world. Longer availability promotes client satisfaction, building a good reputation for your organisation.

Do your customers expect to reach you in the evenings or during the weekend?

Are you communicating with people in different time zones?

Do you or your colleagues regularly work early or late to finish reports or progress projects?

business technology network

Whatever the reason for your extended hours, it’s likely that you’ll be using – and relying upon – technology. What happens if your technology fails? Or you are locked out of your system? Technical issues can happen at any time.

Whether you need a few extra hours or 24/7 assistance, extended IT support may be vital to ensure the reliable continuity of your technology. This provision can be scaled to suit your requirements. Importantly, it offers you peace of mind, operational efficiency and a reliable experience – internally and for your customers.

Defining Your Extended IT Support

If you know that 9 to 5 technical support simply isn’t right for your business, how do you decide the level of cover you need? To determine the right solution for you, ask yourself:

1.  When are you and your team working? How does this compare to your standard availability?

2.  Who is contacting you? Are ‘extended hours’ requests from internal teams, existing customers or new opportunities?

3.  What technology is crucial to your ‘extended hours’ operation? Will there be extra demand for cloud-based services, for example?

Your answers shape the resources and IT support you need outside of standard business hours.

“We understand issues can arise at any point,” says Eric Hughes of EMH Technology. “That’s why we offer an out-of-hours service to ensure that when there are problems, they can be resolved quickly. Our extended hours support service operates by request, according to your needs.”

Would your business benefit from extended out-of-hours IT support? Whether you need an early start or 24/7 support, talk to the friendly team at EMH Technology. Discover your options with an informative discussion, without obligation. Let’s ensure your technology runs smoothly, whenever you need it.

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