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Changing Your Technology

Oct 9, 2017 Posted by: Dwills Uncategorized

Changing Your Technology

Changing your technology is exciting – yet a little daunting too. This is especially true when it comes to our smart phones. They help almost every aspect of our lives from fitness to finances, organisation to leisure… and communication! We like the excitement of discovering new tools and apps – but need to hit the ground running fast.

With so much choice and temptation, it’s easy to make the decision to change your phone provider. Kieran of EMH Technology recently took the plunge. He traded his iPhone 6+ in for a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S8+. So how was his leap from Apple to Android?

Kieran says: “The iPhone 4 was the first smart phone I bought in 2010. I always saw Android phones as poor imitations of the iPhone and even refused to speak to anyone whose texts didn’t display a blue iMessage background!”

For Kieran, the tide started to turn when Apple seemingly forgot to update the iPhone between the iPhone 6, 6S and 7. From the outside, each phone looked almost identical and the software changes were not major.

Then the Samsung Note 7 was announced, having a large bezel-free screen that looked great. Unfortunately, many of batteries for these phones exploded – literally – amid an inevitable blaze of publicity. Eventually, the Note 7 was scrapped.

Then the S8 range was launched with an even nicer screen. Kieran explains: “After some playing around with demo models in store, the S8+ was pre-ordered and my iPhone finally discarded.”

So how was the transition from Apple to Android?

As an Apple user, operating the Android phone took Kieran a lot of getting used to. He says: ” You can easily spend hours customising each little setting to try and get it exactly how you want it. This is a plus point for some, whilst being a negative for others, including myself.

“I would be uncomfortable using an Android device as my work phone as I am struggling to get along with the built-in mail app. I just find the iPhone mail app much better to use. The notifications I get from the S8+ aren’t as straightforward.

“In my opinion, the S8+ looks much nicer than any of the current iPhones. However, I find that the iPhone flows smoother than Android meaning you can get things done quicker. I am eagerly awaiting the chance to try the iPhone 8.”

Are you thinking of changing your technology?

With business technology, the changeover should be virtually seamless. Introducing new systems, software or a back-up service offers huge potential to your business regarding operational efficiency and customer experience. This will involve:

  • Choosing the technology that best suits your business operation and goals
  • Efficient implementation and training with minimal disruption to business activities
  • Ongoing support so that any issues and queries are resolved quickly

To gain expert insight into your organisation’s IT options and potential, talk to the team at EMH Technology. All quotes are bespoke, jargon-free and without obligation.

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