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4 New Business Technologies

Sep 16, 2019 Posted by: Dwills Trends
using augmented reality goggles

From cognitive cyber security to autonomous robotics, emerging technology trends are exciting, yet initially unreachable for many business budgets. There are, however, many technologies that are financially accessible for most organisations, helping them to seize opportunities and increase efficiencies.

“Technology should help businesses to streamline processes, improve communication and share data,” says Eric Hughes of EMH Technology. “These advantages can have a significant positive impact upon customer experience as well as on how internal teams work. It’s great that many technologies are now within the financial reach of most businesses, offering good potential for development.“

4 Exciting Technologies for Business

1. 5G Technology

The fifth-generation of mobile internet connectivity promises fast data-download and -upload speeds, wide coverage and stable connections. This superfast mobile internet arrived in the UK in 2019 with further networks becoming available throughout the summer.  5G technology promises download speeds 10 to 20 times faster than we have now. It is much better at handling thousands of devices simultaneously, from mobiles to equipment sensors, video cameras to smart street lights. Businesses will enjoy the stability and speed this technology offers.

tablet using cloud technology
using augmented reality goggles

2. Augmented Reality

This technology projects computer-generated content as a real world environment to users. For businesses this is a fantastic way of bringing concepts and models to life – literally. For many decision-makers, both colleagues and clients, having ideas demonstrated is much more powerful than reading about them, or listening to descriptions. This technology – such as Microsoft’s augmented reality glasses – is already available.

3. Cloud Computing

Some businesses have been enjoying the benefits of cloud technology for years. The advantages of cloud storage are well documented. Plus now the technology is more common, many of the myths have been debunked. “There are many business that are still to move over to cloud computing and enjoy the freedom, cost-effectiveness and security it offers, “says Eric. “Of all our recommended technologies for business, cloud computing is a readily available one that offers huge benefits to most organisations.”

4. Smart Technology

From lighting to heating and security devices, smart technology adapts automatically and modifies its behaviour to fit your physical environment. It can be monitored and controlled remotely via apps for ultimate convenience. Available for homes as well as commercial premises, smart technology helps to conserve energy, and therefore reduce costs.

IMAGE: Digital transformation technology

Technology is evolving at a fast pace, with many exciting opportunities available to businesses. Would you like to explore the options for your business? Contact the friendly team at EMH Technology for an informal discussion without obligation.

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