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3 Tips for Christmas Unplugged

Dec 13, 2019 Posted by: Dwills Tips

Do you look forward to the convenience and fun of technology during the festive season? Or are you hoping to escape from screens and notifications for a day or two?

At EMH Technology, we love the breakthroughs and benefits that we achieve using technology. However we also welcome a time to switch off – literally!

There’s really just one day where everyone seems to ‘stop’: Christmas Day. Here are our three tips to help you truly relax and enjoy an unplugged Christmas:

1. Tell Friends and Family

See if they’ll join in with your plan to be offline. Recruiting allies to help you on the day is more enjoyable and easier than going it alone. They could help by bringing along games and ideas for unplugged fun.

2. Plan Ahead

Think about what you and your friends and relatives can do on Christmas Day. Powering down for the day involves avoiding digital distractions… being busy helps enormously. How about walks, traditional games, cooking together or inviting your neighbours in for a festive party? If it’s snowing, even better… snowballing and sled-racing are definitely unplugged!

3. Be Firm, Flexible and Friendly!

If your goal is to be tech-free this Christmas, make the most of your time – for yourself, for your family or maybe a bit of both. Forgive the odd relapse. Allow yourself to indulge in the true benefit of festive technology; bridging the distance between family and friends.  If you need to check your emails for peace of mind, do this in a separate room then switch of again before returning to the festivities. You’ll relax and enjoy being unplugged more if you know that all is well.

“Our team has a well-deserved break over Christmas,” says Eric Hughes of EMH Technology. “However we always offer emergency cover for our clients and check for alerts from our ongoing system monitoring. We love technology and but also value a chance to switch off and spend valuable time with family and friends.”

Would you value spending less time with technology?   

Would you like to know that your systems are running smoothly and efficiently?

Talk to the team at EMH Technology. We love technology and value our time offline too!

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